Chandler Parsons' team option

UPDATE: Rockets general manager Daryl Morey spoke to the Houston Chronicle and says a decision regarding Chandler Parsons' 2014-15 team option won't be easy to make.

”We won’t know everything we need to know when we have to make a decision on Chandler’s (contract) option. We have to make the best decision at the time we have to make it (June 29)," said Morey.

At this time opinions are split as there are advantages both ways to dealing with free agency in 2014 and 2015.


The Houston Rockets were eliminated from the 2014 playoffs on Friday night thanks to Damian Lillard's three-point shot at the buzzer. The Rockets now head into the offseason and one of the biggest questions is what will GM Daryl Morey do regarding Chandler Parsons' 2014-15 team option.