Does Anderson impact Diaw's future?

One of the few remaining questions the defending champion San Antonio Spurs must face this offseason is what it will take to bring back their key 32-year-old big man, Boris Diaw.

Diaw is set to to become an unrestricted free agent on Tuesday, and the addition of similarly talented first-rounder Kyle Anderson has some people wondering how that may impact Diaw's future. Here's the latest on that.

J. Gomez of PoundingTheRock.com broke it down nicely in a story from last week:

"Diaw made $4,702,500 this past season. His performance clearly warrants a raise. And Boris is 32, which means this next one will likely be the last big contract he signs. So expecting him to leave a lot of money on the table might not be very realistic.

"At the same time, Diaw's past will severely limit his suitors. His stint with the Bobcats will scare off any non-contending team from trying to pry him away. At this point in his career there is plenty of evidence that, as talented as he is, Bobo needs to be in the right system and in the right mindset to succeed.

That obviously helps San Antonio's position enormously, as most contenders don't have enough cap space to outbid the Spurs. If all he gets from other teams is mid-level exception offers, Diaw might as well just stay in San Antonio for the same money."

Gomez speculates that a three-year, $18 million offer could be enough to get the deal done, however that may or may not end up being the case.

As for Anderson, a player who has often been compared to Diaw due to his rare skill set as a big point-forward, don't expect his presence on the roster to alter the Spurs plans with Diaw.

Kevin Pelton

Anderson is a backup plan at this point

"I don't think it really has an impact. Anderson isn't ready to replace Diaw's production tomorrow -- certainly not at the defensive end -- and Diaw wasn't likely looking at a long-term contract anyway. I suppose if somebody throws a ridiculous amount of money Diaw's direction, it could make the Spurs more comfortable moving on."