Smart to tighten Kings' rotation

After spending most of this season to date using nearly a dozen players in his regular rotation, Sacramento Kings coach Keith Smart said he finally is prepared to tighten up his rotation, even if that makes some players unhappy, according to the Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones.

"I'm not saying they're going to be happy – that's not natural," Smart said. "But they have to accept the fact that if we can get out of the building with a win based on the guys who played minutes, that's what we've got to be thinking about. The most important thing right now is for us is to keep getting wins."

The initial benefactors of Smart's new approach were DeMarcus Cousins, Tyreke Evans and John Salmons, all of whom played at least 22 second-half minutes Wednesday in a victory over the Washington Wizards. In fact, Evans and Salmons played the entire second half.

As Jones notes, prior to Thursday, Cousins led the Kings in minutes per game at 31.4, which placed him 69th in the NBA. Obviously, increased roles for the starters and top one or two reserves would help their fantasy games expand. The catch with Smart is that he often says one thing and does another, and it may be tough to tell which players will be in his tightened rotation on a given night -- especially when it comes to his backcourt group of Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton, Aaron Brooks and Jimmer Fredette. Nonetheless, it give some hope to those guys, at least if one or two of them can secure starter's minutes night in and night out going forward.