Will Jazz trade Millsap or Jefferson?

Paul Millsap is set to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason, so it is no surprise that he will be one of the more rumored players to be traded away as the deadline approaches. Where might he land? Sam Amico of Fox Sports has some suggestions.

"Brooklyn, Milwaukee and Denver are among the teams that might make a play for Utah forward Paul Millsap at the deadline," he wrote. "Millsap's contract expires at season's end. Most teams interested in obtaining Millsap, however, would do so with the intent of offering him an immediate extension."

Note that Amico isn't citing sources here, simply suggesting some logical landing spots on teams that could use a versatile forward and may have the right pieces to put forth a successful trade offer.

Interestingly, ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford thinks the Jazz are more likely to deal away their other studly big man, Al Jefferson:

Chad Ford

Trade Watch: Who's on the block?

"The one thing I know about the Jazz is that we're not going to know about any Jefferson deal until the Jazz hand him a plane ticket. The Jazz are as secretive an organization as there is, and they've been tight-lipped about their trade plans this season. But virtually every GM in the league believes the Jazz are moving one of their two big men -- either Jefferson or Paul Millsap. Because Millsap is a favorite of the team, Jefferson could be the odd man out.The team needs to clear more playing time for Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter and would probably be happy with a nice draft pick or a young point guard prospect in return."