When Bledsoe could be traded

Eric Bledsoe is coveted by a lot of teams who are searching for a starting point guard, however Los Angeles Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro doesn't think all the rumors will distract his young backup point guard.

"There'll be all these rumors out there and things being said, and most of them probably won't be very accurate. As guys' names are out there, we'll discuss things with them if there's anything to it or whatever," Del Negro told the Los Angeles Daily News. "I don't see that being an issue for us. We've got pretty good balance on that and obviously, I'm always available."

Bledsoe is a lock to stay with the Clippers past the Feb. 21 trade deadline since the team could lose Chris Paul to another team via free agency in the summer. The Clippers may put Bledsoe on the block if Paul re-signs with the Clippers.

Chad Ford