Cavs' potential draft day predicament

As of today, Cleveland (24-52) has the fourth-worst record in the league -- Phoenix's nine-game losing streak has left the Suns with the league's third-worst record (23-54). And if the Cavaliers end up with the No. 3 pick in June's NBA draft, they could have a very difficult decision on their hands.

At No. 3, the Cavs could address their need for a promising young small forward, and Georgetown's 6-foot-8 swingman Otto Porter could be the perfect complimentary piece on this team. However, drafting Porter at No. 3 would mean that the Cavs would have to pass on either Ben McLemore, Marcus Smart or possibly even Nerlens Noel, three highly touted players who could each go No. 1 in the right situation.

This is all just speculation of course, as there's no guarantee that the Cavs will get the No. 3 spot. But if they do, picking the right player won't be easy. Porter is the top rated small forward on the draft board, with Nicolas Batum being a decent comparison for him. But is a Batum-caliber player worth passing up on a talent like Smart, McLemore or Noel? If the Cavs end up at No. 3, that's the decision they may have to make.