NBA decisions with biggest impact

The return of Aaron Harrison and his brother could make UK a very special team in 2014-15. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While some players -- including Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Marcus Smart -- already have declared for the NBA draft, others are still weighing the decision. Do they leave for the chance at a major payday and a spot on a professional roster? Or do they come back and work to improve their skill set and draft stock?

The answer will likely have a major impact on their respective college programs. Let’s take a look at seven players who could leave and what it would mean for their college teams next season.

Andrew and Aaron Harrison, Kentucky Wildcats

If they stay: If both Andrew and Aaron Harrison come back, the Wildcats will be a legitimate national title contender again and arguably the country’s top preseason team. Kentucky is going to be the squad to beat in the NCAA tournament. You’re talking about the Harrison twins, Marcus Lee, Alex Poythress, Derek Willis (whom no one is even talking about) and Dakari Johnson. Right there in itself is a team that will compete for a national championship.