Player of the Year picks for 2014-15

Duke's Jahlil Okafor and North Carolina's Marcus Paige are both expected to thrive this season. Icon Sportswire

Fran Fraschilla and Seth Greenberg got together to discuss the biggest topics in college basketball. This week, they provide their Player of the Year selections as well as dark-horse picks.

Player of the Year

Fran Fraschilla: It’s not often that you say this, but I’m going with a freshman in Jahlil Okafor. I just think his combination of size, athleticism and what he has to do for Duke to be good means he’s going to have an excellent opportunity to be a dominant player in college basketball. Because he’s been out of sight, out of mind by most fans, it might be controversial, but not to most fans who have seen this young man play.

I think it’s unfair to compare him to anybody currently playing. He’s just a 6-foot-11 kid with terrific athleticism for his size, outstanding fundamentals and he’s not making any adjustment to his position. He’s always been a low-post player and is very comfortable and effective.

Seth Greenberg: I love Okafor, but I’m hesitant to make any freshman -- even one as talented as him -- the Player of the Year. I do agree with Fran that he has the feet, hands, ability to play out of a double-team and is an alert defender. He’s everything that you’re looking for in an elite player. But Okafor is going to be playing potentially with a freshman point guard, so what impact does that have on the team? The Blue Devils will have to play through Okafor, and it’s been rare recently that Duke has played through a post player. However, in terms of talent, as Fran mentioned, it’s impossible to argue.

My guy is someone who last season separated himself: Marcus Paige.