Ranking top 10 matchup nightmares

Jabari Parker, Aaron Craft and Kyle Anderson keep opposing coaches up at night. Getty Images

Matchup nightmares come in all sizes and positions. You don't have to be an elite scorer or fill the stat sheet on a nightly basis to be one, but you do have to be a player who affects a coach’s preparation or someone who makes his teammates better.

Who are the toughest individuals in college basketball to game plan for? We'll continue to update this ranking throughout the season, but here is our top 10 through the first month or so of the 2013 season.

1. Jabari Parker, F, Duke Blue Devils

Parker is the most versatile player in college basketball. The 6-foot-8 hybrid forward has the size and strength of a 4 and the skill and quickness of a 3. It’s not uncommon for Parker to secure a defensive rebound and initiate the Blue Devils’ transition game. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski uses Parker in isolations at the elbow, wing and block. This puts tremendous pressure on an opposing coach’s defensive game plans.

Do you defend Parker with a smaller, quicker defensive player and double him on post isolations? Or do you defend him with a bigger player with length and give early help in isolation situations?