Best Western Plus Shootout Day 1 recap

WAYNESBORO, Va. -- The Best Western Plus Caisson Shootout is a prep school/post-graduate event taking place Thursday through Saturday (Nov. 29-Dec. 1) at Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, Va. It features nationally ranked high school programs from Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Fishburne coach Ed Huckaby did a great job assembling a tournament that allows programs with Division I talent to compete under one roof. Here are a few players who stood out on Day 1.

Isaac Copeland, (Raleigh, N.C./Miller School, Va.)

2014, PF/SF, 6-foot-9, 190 pounds

Status: Uncommitted

Offers: Georgetown, Florida State, West Virginia, Virginia, NC State

Copeland scored 14 points in one game in a very balanced Miller School attack and displayed great versatility on both ends of the floor. He made 3-pointers off the catch when his feet where set and attacked defenders with drives to the rim, on which he used his tremendous length to elevate over opponents and score. He is an excellent passer and moved well without the ball. Copeland also displayed the ability to defend on the perimeter, rebounded well in his area and started the break with bust-out dribbles. Copeland is a high-level lob catcher when he runs the floor but will need to add strength, be more physical and continue to work on his ballhandling. All in all he is a high-major performer with skill and tremendous upside.

Travis Hester (Crozet, Va./Miller School)

2013, SG, 6-3, 190

Status: Uncommitted

Offers: Gardner-Webb, Manhattan, Appalachian State

Interest: Wisconsin Green-Bay, Tulsa

Hester is a strong and physical lefty who scored 18 points in one game, most coming from behind the arc. He is a better-than-advertised athlete who finishes through contact on straight-line drives to the rim. Hester competes and plays with good energy and urgency and knocked down spot-up jumpers, ball reversals and jumpers coming off screens. He has a short memory and his confidence when shooting seems to never be shaken. Hester can help at the point because he can run the offense and keep the ball moving, but make no mistake about it Hester looks for his shot and can get on a roll if the defense doesn't know his whereabouts. Hester will have to work on his foot speed and ballhandling against intense pressure, but his play in attack mode was very productive on Day 1.

Alassane Kah (Columbus, Ohio/Fishburne Military School)

2013, PF, 6-8, 215

Status: Signed with Western Kentucky

Kah displayed a good motor and high-level explosiveness around the rim, where he finishes drop-off passes quickly and above the rim. He ran the floor extremely well on a consistent basis and has excellent quickness to the ball when it comes off the glass. He will have to add strength, continue to work on his post moves and build his face-up game but Kah has excellent upside.

Kuran Iverson (Hartford, Conn./Fishburne Military School)

2013, SF, 6-8, 215

Status: Signed with Memphis

Iverson scored an easy 15 points, mostly by finishing on the break and attacking the basket. In addition, he made a number of excellent passes to cutting teammates and while running the floor. Iverson is excellent at delivering the ball, but not just to the open man; he can fit a pass in tight quarters as well. He will need to continue to work on not being casual with the ball at times and staying engaged and focused the entire game, but his talent and feel for the game are undeniable.

Ahmad Fields (Washington, D.C./Massanutten)

2013, SF, 6-5, 180

Status: Uncommitted

Offers: Utah (official visit Dec. 17), Drexel (official visit Dec. 28)

Interest: Mississippi, Miami (Fla.)

Fields is a high-energy, athletic slasher. This lefty has a great motor to go along with an excellent first step. He can make plays in the open court and finish through contact. He plays in attack mode at all times and is a capable multiple-position defender. He can knock down midrange shots when in a flow, but that area still needs work. He competes at a high level and can impact the game without scoring and exposes opponents who can't match his intensity level.

Frank Mason (Petersburg, Va./Massanutten)

2013, PG, 6-0, 175

Status: Signed with Kansas

A strong, physical and tough point guard who can get in the lane at will, Mason breaks down coverage in the lane to complete plays and can deliver the ball on target at high speeds to teammates and run the half-court set. His great burst of speed simply puts relentless pressure on the defense. When he's on the defensive side, he anticipates well in the passing lanes, which results in steals. He will be forced to make shots on the next level, although his pull-up and floater aren't great -- respectable, but not great. At times he over-dribbles and gambles on defense but he can run the show at a high level.

Deandre Burnett (Miami/Massanutten)

2013, SG, 6-2, 185

Status: Signed with Miami (Fla.)

A big-time shooting guard in a point guard's body, Burnett gets to the rim and probably has the ability to make more 3s with ease than he did because of his smooth, confident and effortless stroke. He never missed two attempts in a row on Day 1. He is strong and physical, and if the defense is not there on the catch, forget trying to catch up to him and just inbound the ball after he makes the shot. Burnett simply breaks defenses backs with his shot-making ability.

Terry Rozier (Cleveland/Hargrave)

2013, PG/SG, 6-1, 175

Status: Signed with Louisville

Rozier played hard and competed at a high level on both ends en route to a 40-point performance against Kiski School. He relentlessly attacked the rim and finished in transition. He sprinkled in a few rhythm 3s and made plays in traffic with excellent touch and body control. He is still streaky from behind the arc, but when he gets into a groove, look out. He can play and defend both guard positions and seeks out the ball when the game is on the line.