SC's Martin aggressive in roster overhaul

It’s been well over a month since South Carolina head coach Frank Martin gave as candid a press conference as we saw all season following his team’s 64-46 loss to LSU on February 14th.

Martin spoke at length, admitting his embarrassment at his team’s performance, its lack of leadership and emphasizing the importance of individual pride.

“If you’ve got no life for what you do, then you shouldn’t do it,” he said. “If you’ve got no passion for what you do, then you shouldn’t do it. Right now we’re passionless, and we’re lifeless.”

Asked specifically by one reporter if he thought he had “lost these guys,” his response was even more direct and candid.

“If I’ve lost them then they better disappear, because it’s going to be hard for them to be here next year if I’ve lost them 10 months into the job,” he said. “If I have lost them, they better figure out where home is at, because obviously it’s not going to be here.”

Given those statements and the fact that South Carolina went just 2-6 after that interview, it should come as no surprise that Martin and his staff has been very active on the recruiting front as of late.