Marvin Bagley III and biggest debates for 2018 class

ESPN 25 update: Best sophomores ranked (2:27)

National recruiting director Paul Biancardi joins ESPN's Phil Murphy to discuss newcomers to the ESPN 25 and the recruit some are calling the best prospect in high school basketball: Marvin Bagley III. (2:27)

The class of 2018 -- the sophomores -- are still young, and developing their games. When we put together our list of the top 25, it’s mostly based on the word ‘potential.’ At this stage of the game we see many physically imposing players who play “bully ball,” meaning they are bigger, stronger and faster than their peers which makes them impossible to stop. As time goes on and they move up in grade, it will be vital for these players to develop skill and basketball IQ if they really want to be remain in the top tier of their class. A closer look at some of the top names and top debates as our scouts evaluated this class: