How good will Marvin Bagley III, other top players in the ESPN 25 be?

The ESPN 25 group, which is comprised of rising sophomores, is just starting to scratch the surface of its ability. But the initial evaluation of this group tells us we have a wealth of size, exciting skill and athletic ability, as 13 of our top 25 prospects are either power forwards or centers.

When you try to forecast two and three years down the road, a lot can happen both good and bad. The words upside, high ceiling and potential are often used to describe young prospects. There are plenty of what ifs, and more questions than answers when we talk about rising sophomores. Will they accept coaching? Will they work hard to improve, or coast on their physical gifts? Do they love the game, or just play the sport?

What we do know is there are a few prospects who have really caught our eye at this formative stage, and turned heads with their impressive performances and enormous potential.