Stephen Curry skills camp recap: Day 2

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The second day of the Under Armour Stephen Curry Select Camp, featuring some of the nation's top wing players, emphasized scoring off a variety of cuts and screens, while also playing half court 4-on-4.

Here are a few players who stood out on Day 2:

On-Court Session III: L-Cut Moves

Mustapha Heron

Heron is a strong and physical lefty wing who looked very comfortable getting open using the L-cut and backing the defender away with a strong jab step in order to create space to knock down the jumper. Heron knows how to use his body to get open and does a great job selling the jab fake.

MJ Walker

Walker did a nice job using the L-cut to get open then quickly transition to the inside pivot to a ball fake to create space. Walker did a nice job of not only selling the ball fake, but his foot work and shooting form remained aligned and most importantly he took his time. While he is still developing as a shooter, we liked his concentration which allowed him to hit shots. This young physical wing is coming along nicely.

Jamal Johnson

Johnson has excellent size, feel and really did a good job in the rhythm-dribble, step-back jumper segment after getting open with a quick L-cut. He did a good job creating space and knocked down the open jumpers from behind the arc when he didn't fade to his left.

Brandon Sampson

Sampson is a long and talented wing who had excellent touch and body control on his floater. He showed excellent concentration and he landed under control, which helps take away the chance of committing an offensive foul.

On-Court Session IV: Coming Off Pindown Screens and Post Work

Thomas Akyazali

Akyazali is a shooting guard from Belgium who looked extremely comfortable coming off the pindown screen in a catch-and-shoot situation. Akyazali was excellent when he came off the screen with good foot work and his hands ready. He knocked down several jumpers on the straight pop to the wing and on the fade move to the corner when the defender shoots the gap on the pin down screen.

On-Court Session V: 4-on-4 Half Court

Jaylen Fisher

Fisher's court vision was immediately noticed. He consistently finds the right teammate for an on-time and on-target pass, and he penetrates and probes the defense. Fisher not only hits the open man but the receiver is in position to score on the catch.