#AskCoachB: What to tell recruits

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That's a great question because part of being a good recruiter is not just reading your situation with a recruit, but how the other schools stand with your target. The coaching staffs have a couple of options in their approach, and it comes down to a philosophy and a read of what could happen. The coaches can tell those other recruits that the program will accept their decision when they are ready to commit and be prepared to move on from the Tyus Jones/Jahlil Okafor deal. The other option is that the coaching staffs can tell the recruits they are going to wait on Jones and Okafor, so they could tell the prospect up front to wait and see what happens.

The prospects who really want to go to a school of their dreams might wait, knowing there is a chance. Or they might look at other programs in the spring signing period, which is a gamble. Because recruiting is a business relationship first, it's imperative that the coaching staffs not mislead a prospect. But at the same time, they must fill their needs as a program. This is a delicate scenario that happens quite often.

As a coaching staff, this plan is well reviewed and all the coaches are spreading the same message to the recruit, his family and his coaches. Coaching staffs must be ready to take a verbal commitment from anyone in the group they have offered. If not, then they have a priority list and they will follow that plan. Either way, it must be presented clearly and concisely by the head coach and his staff to the prospect, his family and his coaches.