#AskCoachB: Turner's long-term impact

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Great question and one that is not answered quickly because the strength of the 2014 class lies with its centers and power forwards, especially at the top. There are a handful of prospects who, if they continue to develop their bodies, skills and toughness, can be outstanding in high school and college and have terrific futures in the NBA.

I think Myles Turner will have the most long-term impact in the game because he has the most upside of all the big men in the Class of 2014. Turner is productive right now as he influences and impacts the game on both ends of the floor, which makes him special. Blessed with physical tools and excellent instincts, he still has so much to learn about the game and how to us his long, athletic frame inside.

For such a young post player, there are three areas where Turner stands out. First, his gift to block shots with superb timing while keeping the ball in play is rapidly developing as he can also make multiple jumps in a possession, which enhances his ability to protect the rim. Second, his face-up jumper extends to the 3-point line and he is also effective on the blocks with a turnaround jumper. And third, he is an above-average passer both facing the rim and with his back to the basket.

Turner reminds me of a combination former NBA players Theo Ratliff on defense and a young Tim Duncan with his offensive touch.