#AskCoachB: How to evaluate prospects

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When we evaluate a prospect we go by what we see when we see it. We never go by the hype or what other people say.

Here’s an example of how we go through the process:

We analyze a player’s single performance, his productivity over time, along with his potential. Within those criteria, we break down their athletic ability, level of skills, positional skill and basketball IQ. The game requires a high level of skill and each position entails certain qualities for which we look.

We’ll use Tyus Jones as an example. As a point guard, he has an advanced and tight handle, vision and the unselfishness to distribute the ball for his position. He values the ball in every possession and knows his role is to make his teammates better.

In evaluations it's important to not only see a players strengths but also what they have or haven't improved. Other factors we take into account when ranking, grading and writing evaluations are traits such as body language, attitude, work ethic, unselfishness, and respect to name a few that often separates their talent.

Two words that must be used carefully in the evaluation and recruiting process are hype and potential.