#AskCoachB: Alexander over Lyles

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When comparing ESPN No. 3 Cliff Alexander and No. 7 Trey Lyles, we see two exceptional power forwards who are so different yet so impactful.

Alexander is all about power. He is also a better athlete than Lyles. Alexander runs, rebounds and is better at blocking shots. When it comes to rebounding as the ball comes off the rim, Alexander is the first to snatch it. Lyles rebounds more inside his area with a tremendous pair of hands and a wide body. When it comes to blocking shots, the edge also goes to Alexander as he covers ground to reject shots.

When it comes to scoring, Lyles is more polished with his skill, size and a college-ready body. Lyles has a terrific post game with moves and counter-moves with some fakes against his defender. When the defense is set, he has the moves to still find his points. Alexander is still learning his way around the paint and how to use his body to gain an advantage.

Both accomplish much with their effort and energy, but here again, Alexander's motor is better right now. When it comes to potential, Alexander has more of an overall upside -- but not by much. Both should impact college basketball if they stay hungry and humble and move on to the next level.

Lyles is keeping it quiet and close between Kentucky and Louisville. I say Alexander goes to Kansas.