#AskCoachB: Jones or Ennis?

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Well, first off I have never been asked this question and I like the idea of comparing these two elite point guards. From a physical standpoint, Tyler Ennis is bigger and can take a hit a little better coming out of high school. I have seen Ennis get hit hard and, not only get up, but stay in the game. In the conversion game pushing the pace, I believe Tyus Jones is more efficient at a faster pace and is a good steal guy.

Both really can process the game while they are performing and both keep their focus on what the coach wants and the team needs in order to win while avoiding getting caught in one-on-one matchups. They both make the game easy for their teammates by their excellent vision and skill to deliver passes on time and on target. Each can make big shots demonstrating poise in crunch time. Ennis is a slightly better on-ball defender but he needs work in that department as well. Both make winning a priority and that's why their ranking, grade and evaluation was so high. I’ll take either one to run my team!