#AskCoachB: Can't overlook Paul White

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Yes, Paul White is playing better and at a higher level than his ranking, but I ask you to please look at not only his ranking but his grade and evaluation. Many folks get caught up with just the ranking portion, and understandably so, but in our system we give them a grade that tells you the level that they can best play at and an evaluation that describes in detail his strengths and weaknesses.

I agree that he can be a difficult matchup because he has the skill level and athletic ability of a small forward with the height to play some as a face-up forward who can pull a bigger defender away from the basket. Offensively White is usually a problem for the opposition and defensively he could defend multiple positions from a point guard to a power forward.

Recently in the Cancer Research Classic, he took on the challenge of guarding Emmanuel Mudiay, who is No. 5 in the ESPN 100 and the top point guard. He took that assignment when the game was on the line and did a very good job of not allowing Mudiay into the paint. When White is dialed in and focused, it’s easy to see his talent and basketball IQ. The Georgetown Hoyas have a versatile prospect coming.