2016 No. 1 Thon Maker leaves Carlisle

Thon Maker, the No. 1 player in the Class of 2016, and his younger brother Matur, have officially withdrawn from the Carlisle School (Martinsville, Va.) and are currently deciding between two options for their next destination, according to their guardian, Edward Smith.

“We have visited Hopewell Academy of Cary, N.C. and are currently in Canada working out at Athlete Institute in Orangeville, Ontario,” Smith said in a statement to ESPN.com.

Thon Maker has tremendous lateral and straight line speed, excellent reactionary time and alertness for his class, but he clearly needs to get stronger and increase his muscle mass. He came to the United States from Australia (via Sudan) in 2011 at 6-foot-9, 165 pounds -- now he is 7-foot with shoes and weighs 205 pounds.

The purpose of this move is to enhance both brothers’ physical strength, especially their core strength, overall muscle mass, and weight gain. Thon is weak in the hips and does not have a strong lower base.

Despite speculation that Thon would reclassify to the Class of 2015, the plan for now is to keep him in the Class of 2016 in order to better prepare him physically for college and to help get his brother Matur exposure.

“From Day 1, we hope he can play major minutes, not from just a skill standpoint but physically as well,” said Smith in a phone interview. “Also, many people will get to see Matur, who has a real chance to be special as well.”

With the start of the school year approaching, it would seem this choice is not too far away.

”We hope to make this decision soon. We are close,” said Smith.