#AskCoachB: A Rams steal from Michigan?

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Tillman (Redford, Mich./Pershing) was a good find and VCU did a good job of finishing the recruitment off with his pledge. The three-star prospect fits the profile that VCU looks for in its recruits as he is long and athletic and he runs with some skill. He's a big-time finisher in the conversion game and a lob-catcher.

Offensive rebound put-backs are a specialty, as he not only has a strong vertical jump, he is a quick leaper up to the rim.

Tillman owns a soft touch if he stays close to the paint, and his free-throw shooting looks good. He has a chance to excel in VCU's system because he has a chance to improve his skills against a set defense and utilize his length and quickness on every defensive possession.

The state of Michigan is not that strong in the senior class this year, and he has had some big games so he might have a real chance at the Mr. Basketball award. The best player in the state of Michigan is ESPN 25 super sophomore

Josh Jackson (Southfield, Mich./Consortium College Prep), who is a serious candidate for the award.