Big gets by Ole Miss and Boston College

While DaJuan Coleman’s (Dewitt, N.Y./Jamesville-DeWitt) commitment to Syracuse shocked no one on Tuesday, it did capture the majority of the day’s recruiting headlines.

Meanwhile, Ole Miss landed Anthony J.P. Cortesia (Venezuala/Montverde) and Boston College got Olivier Hanlan (Gatineau, Quebec/New Hampton) -- two potentially big big additions in their ownright.

Cortesia made his first appearance in the United State last year as a junior at Lee Academy, located in northern Maine, and when I got my first look at him in early September he was very much still flying under the national radar.

At first glance, Cortesia was incredibly talented as he blended a long 6-foot-9 frame with a silky smooth skill set that extended out to 22 feet. But as the year went on it became very clear was lacking a toughness and ability to play through contact on a consistent basis.

And that’s precisely why the Ole Miss fit is a perfect one. If Cortesia is ever to realize his true potential, he is going to need to get physically stronger, become more assertive, and more comfortable playing through contact. He won’t have any choice under coach Andy Kennedy, and if he buys in this is a guy who has upside to play this game for a long time.

At Boston College, Steve Donahue and his staff have to be thrilled. When Hanlan committed on Tuesday night I noted what a great fit it was in terms of style of play. Hanlan is an old school pure point guard. He is as skilled as he is cerebral and most importantly he makes those around him better.

While the naysayers will say he and Joe Rahon (Del Mar, Calif./Torrey Pines), another guard who committed to B.C. earlier this month, are two point guards who are both used to playing with the ball in their hands, I say they are going to make each other better.

Donahue’s offensive system puts a premium on skilled players who are versatile and smart enough to make a variety of different reads and plays. Having two guards that are comfortable making decisions is a huge luxury, especially when those guys can also score the ball with range and have enough size to defend most opposing backcourts.