ESPN 60 SG Blakeney pulls iron man duty

Editor's note: This is the latest entry in Dave Telep's July Road Trip blog. Throughout the month, Dave will check in each day he's on the road while covering some of the biggest basketball recruiting events in the country. He'll let you know where he is, offer some highlights of the day and give a quick look at what's next.

SUWANEE, Ga. -- The Best of the South is a working man’s event. There aren’t a lot of teams here, so you have to construct a plan to see as many as possible and then double back to watch the guys you need better evaluations on or were intrigued by the first time around.

By the time Friday night rolled around, if you worked it hard, you had a good handle on the event. It’s a mid-major paradise complete with a few potential blowup candidates and a steady diet of possibilities. At an event like this, if you don’t take a few notes in your coaches’ packet, you ain’t working.

Here are some nuggets from Friday’s action at the Best of the South.

Blakeney’s iron man day ends with a big number

Over the first two days in Suwanee, I watched the Each 1 Teach 1 travel team three times, but it was the one I didn’t watch (in its entirety) where ESPN 60 shooting guard Antonio Blakeney (Orlando/Oak Ridge) did his best work. If the last five minutes were an indication of his game (and they were since he finished with 32 points), then he finally found his range at the Best of the South.