Watch List TE Isaacs picks Boston College

Some recruits may be shying away from Boston College because of what they view as an unstable coaching situation following a 4-8 season, but ESPNU 150 Watch List tight end Andrew Isaacs (Manchester, Conn./Manchester) isn't one of them.

Isaacs, who will turn 17 in January, became the first player in BC's 2013 recruiting class when he committed to the Eagles on Wednesday afternoon. His only other scholarship offer was from the University of Connecticut.

“Me and my coach were talking about that [a possible coaching change], but anywhere you go a coaching change can happen,” Isaacs said. “It's the nature of the business. What I know is the coaches are there right now.”

In addition to attending BC's camp last summer, Isaacs went to two BC games and two practices this year. He said he felt so comfortable with the school and the football program that there was no need to wait and see what other offers he might attract.

“I know they had a rough season, but I love the type of team they have,” Isaacs said. “I like the intensity of practice, the intensity of coaching. It's a learning process and they're gonna get better.”

Another thing that worked in BC's favor is the fact that Isaacs used to live in Dorchester, Mass., a Boston suburb, and still has close friends in that area.

“A lot of my teammates asked me why I did this so early,” Isaacs said. “I just really like the school. I want to go there. I talked it over with my dad and he said, 'If it's for you, do it.'

“It's exciting and in a way kind of a relief. I'm hoping that when I'm there they'll be better, and that I can help make them better.”