From Orlando...

Some of my thoughts from the first day of the Under Armour All-America Game:

• I hope coaches give Ronald Darby and, especially, Cyrus Jones, an opportunity to return punts. I'd like to see their elusiveness. Darby, however, seems more like a straight-ahead kick return type. Jones has the wiggle that could be a good fit at punt returner.

• Overheard a coach say "tight ends are here to catch passes, not block." That all-star mentality should help the tight ends and give quarterbacks an underneath option. But before we all tab a tight end as a potential MVP, remember they could be well covered since blitzing is limited.

• I don't think Cyrus Jones will play defensive back in college but it's intriguing to consider. He has the speed and great hips to change direction at cornerback. Also, I think there's a good chance he ends up at Alabama with defensive back guru Nick Saban. Hmmm.

• The White team quarterbacks are worth the price of admission to Thursday's game. Jameis Winston didn't have the best day on Sunday, but he's an incredible physical specimen. With 40 more pounds that he'll need, he could easily be playing on Sunday. Zach Kline was the most impressive quarterback for the White team in its first practice. Tanner Mangum is certainly solid.

• Recruitniks know this already. Offensive lineman Josh Garnett is really, really good. What surprised me about him on Sunday was his footwork. Sure, he's big, but he can move. There have been times when I saw him away from the field and thought he might be better suited to play guard. Sure, he could trim a bit, but he looks like a tackle on the field. Many already know what a great young man Garnett is, but I'll add this: He loves to hit full force, then he'll often tap the helmet of his opponent as soon as the play as over. Some school is going to get a great player and young man. Did I mention he brought an anatomy book to read while in Florida.

• Colleges need to be more mindful of Trey Griffey. Son of Ken Griffey Jr. or not, Trey has a knack of making plays. He did so on Sunday, often deep and often ripping the ball down at its highest point while draped by a defender.

Keith Marshall heading to Georgia is a natural fit. Here is hoping the coaches in Athens utilize his hands out of the backfield. He can catch, and he's fast in space.

• Athlete Marvin Bracy reminds me of the smallish prospects that Urban Meyer feasted on when he was running the spread attack at Florida. It will be interesting to see how Florida State utilizes him.