Korren Kirven still torn

Reporters have found Korren Kirven tough to read in recruiting. So has his own coach.

“He doesn't show his hand,” said Larry Kidd, the defensive line coach and athletic director for Brookville High School in Lynchburg, Va. “He's polite to everybody. He listens to everybody and I think he's having trouble telling people 'No'.”

Kidd said the recruitment has been a “dog-and-pony show” because Kirven has understandably taken his time. Most Brookville prospects have committed earlier over the years. This longer recruitment has drawn more interest.

The circus was at its peak when coaches from the three schools Kirven is considering – Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia Tech – visited his school. There were moments when Kidd thought he was getting a firm grasp on where Kirven would end up. Those moments were fleeting.

“I swear I really don't know,” Kidd said. “I talk to him and I think I get a feel but when I get the feel is when coaches are here. Then you get the same feel when (Alabama head coach Nick) Saban is here, when coach (Virginia Tech head coach Frank )Beamer is here and when (Tennessee head coach Derek) Dooley is here. He handles them all so equally.”

Age is probably a factor. The somewhat shy Kirven just turned 17-years-old in December.

“This has been a whirlwind for him,” Kidd said. “I think it got down to the end and he's like 'I really do have to make a decision.'”

There's been frequent speculation that Kirven will sign with nearby Virginia Tech. Kidd isn't buying that just yet.

“I think that's an assumption most people make because of our proximity but I've asked him point blank and he says he's still keeping all of his options open,” Kidd said.

Kirven is scheduled to announce his decision at 8 a.m. tomorrow on national signing day.

“I wouldn't want to bet on this one for anybody,” Kidd said.