Kalambayi discusses his favorites

MATTHEWS, N.C. -- Peter Kalambayi (Matthews, N.C./Butler) hates getting beat on the football field. He also hates falling short in the classroom.

Looking at his report card this week, he saw the first 'B' he had ever received in high school. Honors biology blasted the four-star prospect.

“It hurts,” Kalambayi said.

Fortunately, since the class is an honors class, it won't affect Kalambayi's 4.3 grade point average. As one might expect, academics will play a major part in Kalambayi's decision. That should help nearby Duke.

“That's pretty much the only thing that's keeping them up there,” Kalambayi said. “It's such a great school.”

The academic criteria is also keeping Virginia, Stanford and North Carolina in the running. Oregon is the only “football” school Kalambayi is considering. As for his recent offer from Ole Miss, Kalambayi said, “I'm not that interested in them.”

A visit to Virginia was so good that Kalambayi couldn't get enough.

“I liked Virginia a lot,” he said. “I visited it twice actually. I liked it so much I went back again.”

North Carolina has also received more than one visit from Kalambayi, who plans to study business before becoming a lawyer. Kalambayi has been to Chapel Hill several times and said he likes it.

“The new coaching staff seems very enthusiastic and they really want to get the job done,” he said. “They're doing a great job recruiting me too.”

Kalambayi said he hasn't been to Vanderbilt but sees it as a positive choice as well.

“It's in the SEC,” he said. “It's a great school. I can get a great diploma and play in the best conference.”

Oregon's presence will continue to be interesting. They offer something the other schools don't, a top notch football program. Kalambayi calls the school “the Alabama of the west”, said he's been to the state and likes the area even though he hasn't been to the University of Oregon's campus.

“The program they're building there is great,” Kalambayi said.

There's not a school in the country that has to worry about Kalambayi being academically eligible, even if he does receive another 'B'. There's also not a football program in the country that wouldn't love to have him on its roster, even if he does occasionally get beat.

So which is worse?

“They both are terrible,” he said.