Woodson quartet gaining attention

There’s a fab four picking up steam in Washington D.C. and they all go to Howard D. Woodson High School.

Spread throughout the classes for the Warriors, DuWayne Johnson, Greg Bryan, Aidan Lomotey and Daijon Carson are making noise in the recruiting world.

As a sophomore, Johnson is leading the pack from his defensive back position with offers from Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Texas Tech and Georgia Tech, among four others.

“It gets me a little excited to get out on the field,” Johnson said of his offers. “It’ll keep me getting better and better. I’m going to build momentum off this. I’ll hold on to them to show my family as I get older. This will drive me 100 percent to keep going.”

The drive for Bryan is even bigger as the senior running back is now starting to get some looks.

Bryan picked up his first offer from Oklahoma State and has interest from Duke. He also has a message for the Cowboys, should that offer be a committable one.

“I was excited they offered,” Bryan said. “I worked hard for it. I like everything about them. I’d commit right away.”

Lomotey has interest from North Carolina, among others, and considers it a blessing because he missed his sophomore season.

That the Tar Heels are turning his way is all the push the defensive end needs moving forward.

“It means a lot,” Lomotey said. “I’m looking to work hard and pick up even more interest. It feels good that they saw potential in me. It drives me a lot. I want to do the best I can for them.”

Carson rounds out the bunch and the junior safety is turning up the heat. He has Virginia Tech, Maryland and Clemson showing interest because of his speed and agility.

“It’s really overwhelming to see this already,” Carson said. “But it pushes me to go to college. I’ve got a 3.5 grade-point average already. This pushes me to get it up higher.

“The next step for me is to hit the weights, keep up the respect and keep that drive going.”