What to watch for this weekend

Maryland vs. Boston College

Maryland could certainly use a win against Boston College this weekend. After beating Miami in their season opener, the Terrapins are 1-5 and 0-3 in the ACC. Prospects are now openly concerned about Maryland, even though it is just Randy Edsall's first season in College Park as he tries to completely rebuild the program.

“I like Maryland just because it's close to here,” said receiver/linebacker Zach Bradshaw, who is from Damascus (Md.) High. “And I like Coach Edsall and I like the coaching staff. But they've had some difficulties this season.”

Bradshaw said he understands players are still adjusting to Edsall's coaching staff and their schemes, but still the junior would like to see a positive turn before the end of the season.

“I guess I would just like to see them win a little bit more than they have been,” Bradshaw said. “They got blown out by Temple (in September), which was surprising. But I like everything else other than the fact that they're not doing well this season.”

Edsall is quick to point out that the overhaul at Maryland is just beginning and that his team has been more competitive than their record suggests.

“I think when you take a look at it, other than one game, we had a chance in the fourth quarter against everybody we were playing - against some outstanding teams,” Edsall said. “We've played the third toughest schedule in the country as of right now in the FBS.”

Edsall is also telling prospects that a struggling team could use some help, a common stance for a savvy recruiter who is having a sub-par season.

“We're a young team and there's going to be plenty of opportunities for young people to be able to come in and have an opportunity to play,” Edsall said. “I think there is improvement. We just haven't been as consistent as we needed to be for 60 minutes. We're installing a program here that you see growth and you see development in all aspects.

“We've got an offense where we're going to work to have playmakers so we can have playmakers in space and I think kids like that. Defensively, we're going to be very active and get after people and I think young people like that as well.”

Still, Boston College coming in with a 1-6 record could be a welcome boost to recruiting if things go well on the field this Saturday.

Different options

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson downplayed what a win over Clemson could mean for his program in recruiting on Saturday. Yet there will be two varying styles on display. First, it's Georgia Tech's ball-control option versus Clemson's attacking spread option. Then, it's Clemson's top prospects versus Georgia Tech's developed overachievers -- at least by perception.

Moreover, Johnson dismissed the notion that offensive prospects can't get noticed in his option attack.

“I think anytime you're successful it helps but we've got a pretty long track record,” he said. “We've been doing this for a long time. We've had a lot of guys that have played in the offense that are playing in the NFL. We've had a lot of guys be successful so I think there's a lot that you can point to but the more success you can have the better it's going to be certainly. The more production that guys have it's easier to sell, no question.”

Tenpenny to Stillwater

ESPNU Watch List RB Altee Tenpenny will visit Oklahoma State this weekend for Saturday's Baylor game.

“I just want to go and see how comfortable I feel in the environment because when I make my decision I will be spending three to four years of my life there so I want to surround myself with people I get along with,” the junior from Little Rock (Ark.) North said. “I want to see how the coaches are and everything.”

The Cowboys have as great a shot as any to build a significant connection with Tabor, who has also visited Alabama and Arkansas while being sidelined this season with a fractured ankle.

“I don't feel like I've built any strong relationships but I feel like I've built a good base in my recruiting with coaches,” Tenpenny said of his interactions with recruiters.

Tenpenny has scholarship offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Auburn and Ole Miss.