Pennsylvania four-star S unsure about Penn State now

UPDATE: At first, Demetrious Cox(Jeannette, Pa./Jeannette) didn't know much about the child sex abuse scandal going on at Penn State. Now that he has a better of idea what is happening, Cox doesn’t know what to think.

“It’s a crazy situation,” Cox said. “They came down on coach [Joe] Paterno. What needed to be done was done I guess.

“Hopefully Penn State as a program moves on and gets somebody great in there.”

Penn State interim coach Tom Bradley, a beloved figure in Western Pennsylvania, is Cox’s lead recruiter and spoke with Cox since news broke over the weekend. Cox said the two didn’t dive deep into the details of the situation at Penn State, but Bradley assured Cox, whether he is coaching there next or not, Penn State is still a great fit for him.

“He said no matter what it’ll be a great opportunity for me at Penn State,” Cox said. “There will always be a great opportunity there for me.”

Cox, who has raved about Bradley previously, is happy to see Bradley earn the interim tag, even if it came during these circumstances.

“Coach Bradley is a great guy,” Cox said. “It’s a great opportunity for him, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him as head coach next.”

At this point, it seems unlikely Bradley will be offered the position on a permanent basis following the season. If Bradley is not retained, Cox will keep a watchful eye on who Penn State brings in.

“Penn State is going to be a great university either way,” Cox said. “The kind of head coach they bring in could definitely break the ice for me. All that stuff is something you got to look at.”


Four-star safety Demetrious Cox (Jeannette, Pa./Jeannette) is taking a wait-and-see approach to the situation Penn State, according to his brother.

Cox had Penn State in the final 10 he announced before the season, but Arkansas and West Virginia recently made it a top 12 for Cox. Of those 12 schools, though, Penn State is considered to be right around the top of Cox’s favorites.

According to his brother, Michael Theys, Cox is just “in shock” of the situation but he hasn’t made any decisions regarding Penn State’s status with him. Theys wrote in an email that interim coach Tom Bradley, who is also Cox’ lead recruiter, contacted Cox on Wednesday night.

Cox is the No. 11 prospect in the state of Pennsylvania.