Three-star DT Dowrey standing by Penn State

Derek Dowrey has ended his silence.

The Penn State commit offered this statement via email after repeated attempts from ESPN to reach the Winchester (Va.) Handley three-star defensive tackle for comment regarding the turmoil in State College:

“I would like to start by saying that my heart goes out to all the victims and their families harmed in the scandal. They are the most important thing in this entire situation; not a coach, not a player, not a recruit. I am choosing my words very carefully because I don’t in any way want to be taken as a person who prioritizes football over the heartbreaking events that surround Penn State. I have many emotions as I feel compassion for the victims yet pride in the university and the team.

"As far as my future plans, I stand by my commitment to attend Penn State next year. There are lots of question marks surrounding the team and staff, but one thing that is not a question in my mind is that the team, fan base, and atmosphere at Penn State will weather the storm and continue to be a great football university that it is and has always been.

"There is a chance that the current coaching staff will no longer be at Penn State next season. Of course I would love for the current coaches to stay, but it is out of my control. This past weekend at the Nebraska game, I had the chance to talk to all the coaches and their words left me even more confident in my choice. They reiterated their thoughts that no matter what happens to them next year, Penn State is still a great school and if they leave, the new coaching staff will carry on the tradition set in place by the previous and current staffs. Their unselfishness in such a tough situation has really stuck with me. They were all so genuine in their concern for me and my family and that encouraged me further to stick with my commitment to Penn State.