Butler trio becoming a package deal?

MATTHEWS, N.C. -- Butler High School in Matthews, N.C., could some become the epicenter of the recruiting world.

That will happen if its three four-star prospects decide to announce their decision in May or June, as they are contemplating.

The possibility of such an announcement has receiver Uriah LeMay moving his timetable up. Instead of announcing his top five on June 1, he has decided to announce a top 10 on May 1 and perhaps announce his commitment in late May or June.

“I've got the list solid now,” said LeMay of his top 10 before declining to share it publicly.

LeMay is hoping to be joined by defensive end/linebacker Peter Kalambayi and quarterback Riley Ferguson. The three have even toyed with choosing the same school but that seems unlikely.

“It's a possibility but it's nothing certain yet,” LeMay said. “The topic comes up a lot. It would be a dream come true for a lot of people. But at the end off the day, you have to make the decision that's right for you.”

Kalambayi is almost certain he'll pick a school mainly based on academics. Kalambayi and Ferguson said they will weigh academics and athletics evenly. All three don't seem focused on the same schools.

Perhaps the one exception would be North Carolina. All have expressed interest in the school, including Kalambayi, who likes the academic offerings from the Tar Heels.

Kalambayi, who has 23 scholarship offers, named Duke, Vanderbilt, Virginia and Stanford as some high-ranking academic institutions he's interested in. If he does make a decision based on football, Kalambayi said Oregon would be the choice.

“The only one that I'm toying with right now that I might pick that's not as prestigious academically is Oregon,” Kalambayi said.

Ferguson has 11 scholarship offers and was most recently wowed by Alabama during a recent visit to Tuscaloosa.

“It's unbelievable,” he said. “I went there this past weekend and went to the spring game. People say Alabama is a crazy place but you can't really know what it's like unless you go there. When I went there I was mind blown. It was crazy. Everything down from education to the football facilities to talking to their coaches, it was crazy when I went down there.”

Ferguson, who has also visited South Carolina and North Carolina, said he'd like to visit Auburn, who recently offered. LeMay, who has 25 scholarship offers, has a tie to Georgia. His brother is a freshman quarterback there.

Other than that, it's hard to predict where the three might end up, much less if they'll end up at the same school. However, a joint announcement seems well within the realm of possibility.

“I think the timetable is starting to work that way,” Butler head coach Brian Hales said. “I get the feeling they are starting to get tired of the process. At first, it's great. It's very flattering but I think it's starting to get a little old and starting to wear on them a little bit.”

LeMay is certainly willing to adjust his schedule to accommodate his teammates.

“That's what I'm trying to do,” he said, “but if not we'll just have to go solo with it.”