The battle for Derrick Green

Let's look at the competition (And as a disclaimer, Green has never told me an order of schools in all the times I've talked to him. This is me reading the tea leaves and, well, talking to some people that should be in the know.):

Top Two

Auburn: The Tigers are getting hot in recruiting (no, not as hot as Michigan, but hot). Also, the timing of Green's decision to announce right after a visit to the Plains seems interesting.

Michigan: Great shot, but I put the Wolverines just behind Auburn. However, there's been so much Wolverine chatter, I think it's close.

Second Tier

Tennessee: The reason I have the Vols just above Georgia is because they are desperate for a big tailback. Moreover, let's say Tennessee with an easy schedule wins nine or 10 games and shows signs of improvement. That could get the Vols in the mix quick.

Georgia: Green says he won't stray from the competition that resides in Athens. I would. Also, I don't think Green was blown away with his visit. Just my take.

Wild Card

Oregon: Like so many prospects out east, Green just likes Oregon. Uniforms? Weather? I don't know, but I hear the school's name often. Green was in a celebratory mood when he got the Oregon offer.

However, I wonder if that was more validation for all his hard work since he proved to the world he, as a big back, could play in the Ducks' high-paced offense. Still, if he takes an official visit there, who knows?

Long Shot

Ole Miss: Green has said he'd like to help rebuild a program. That's quite a job.