Recruiting winners, losers in ND move

Notre Dame's move to the Atlantic Coast Conference, albeit a partial one in football, will have an effect on several schools' recruiting efforts in ACC areas. Here are some winners and losers following the move:


Notre Dame – Suddenly Notre Dame doesn't have to depend on the Midwest quite as much. The area will still be the Fighting Irish's bread and butter but expect Notre Dame to begin to target ACC areas, especially North Carolina.

North Carolina State – The Wolfpack need more exposure. They should get it with Notre Dame's affiliation. Also, unlike some other ACC schools with similar traits to Notre Dame, N.C. State will rarely target the same prospects as the Irish.

ACC – A conference that looked fourth-best in the nation (at best) suddenly has one of the most traditional football programs to call one of its own – or at least a well-known, distant cousin. The publicity should help.


North Carolina – As stated previously, Notre Dame will surely try to recruit prospects from the area. With off-field issues in Chapel Hill, the Fighting Irish could be effective. As with other schools, North Carolina's academic offerings will be less impressive with Notre Dame in tow.

Virginia – Like North Carolina, Virginia sells its academic standing to prospects. Now, there's a new school that will have the same sales pitch. Notre Dame's academic offerings are obviously established nationwide.

South Carolina – The Gamecocks have done well recruiting in North Carolina thanks, in part, to their affiliation with the SEC. Now, they'll have to compete against a school with more name recognition.

Big East – This one is pretty obvious.