WVU might offer Kyle Trout after visit

Lancaster (Ohio) offensive tackle Kyle Trout is hoping his West Virginia visit ends a lot like his Michigan State trip did earlier this season -- with an offer.

The Watch List lineman had to leave West Virginia’s game against Oklahoma on Saturday at halftime, so he messaged offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh on Sunday apologizing he was not around after the game. He also sent his junior highlight film, and Bedenbaugh told him to give him a call Monday evening.

It was a similar situation at Michigan State when the coaches told Trout to call the Monday after his visit. That conversation ended with an offer, and now he holds eight of them.

As for Trout’s visit, he raved about his first time in Morgantown.

“I really liked it there,” Trout said. “The fans, they were crazy. They didn’t care what happened, they’re against any call that was made if not for them. They were really into it. And I was surrounded by fans and definitely got to feel what it was like on game day for them. I definitely liked the atmosphere.

“I’ve been to Ohio State-Nebraska and that was crazy and went to the Michigan State-Notre Dame. It’s definitely in the top five, probably No. 3.”

The 6-foot-5, 254-pound Trout said he spent much of the first half watching the Mountaineers’ offensive line and believes he would fit right in.

“It did well, but Oklahoma was so massive compared to their offense and defense but then West Virginia kind of got back into it. They started pushing Oklahoma back,” Trout said. “I think I can fit in well.”

The Mountaineers’ rival, Pitt, was the latest program to offer Trout.

“I really like Pitt,” he said. “They also are looking for bigger guys so they can’t be manhandled. I like the way they run their offense, too.”

Trout is playing varsity basketball this season, so his last visit could come this coming Saturday for the Ohio State-Michigan game.

“I’ll definitely try to watch the offensive line more. Against Nebraska I got caught up in the game. I was watching the O-line but not as much as I wanted,” Trout said. “When I was watching I saw them push people around and be mean and nasty.”