Maryland makes smart move

Credit Maryland for securing a commitment from Kenneth Goins from Baltimore Gilman.

No three-star prospect will make a class on national signing day but Goins is significant for a number of reasons.

First, he's a versatile athlete who could play tailback or linebacker in college.

Second, he's a winner. After Maryland's disastrous season, it could use an attitude upgrade from its incoming class

Third, he's from Gilman, where the Terrapins now have a foundation for a possible pipeline into the ultra talent-laden school. Gilman has well over a dozen BCS prospects on its roster. A school doesn't have to land them all to benefit from that connection.

Credit Maryland for showing Goins an early opportunity. The Terrapins stepped up and offered several local prospects before many other schools were willing to do so. That's the way prospects in a school's backyard should be treated.

Make the evaluation and offer or don't. But there's no reason to hesitate on a solid prospect.

As solid as Goins is, there are more talented prospects nearby. In order to grab some of the elite, Maryland will need some more wins.