QB Cornwell sure he will play this season

The eligibility dispute of ESPN's No. 1-rated pocket-passer quarterback David Cornwell (Norman, Okla./North) goes before the board of directors of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association on Tuesday.

According to Ed Sheakley, executive director of the OHSAA, it boils down to a decision made by the Cornwells to keep David out of school in 2011, when the family lived near Jacksonville, Fla.

“They made a choice to leave school,” Sheakley told ESPN. “They also made a choice not to play football that year.”

Not so simple, said David’s father, Ron Cornwell.

It was a decision made out of necessity, he said, because of his wife’s health. Debbie Cornwell dealt with a debilitating illness that surfaced in July 2011 and lasted into the fall.