#AskLoogs: Will Pelini tape stick?

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It certainly can’t help because it brings negative publicity and attention to the program, and as this program stands right now, it has enough to deal with without any other distractions piling on.

In all honesty, I don’t believe prospects place much stock in this kind of stuff. They place far more stock in how the program is performing, the overall national perception of the program, relationships with coaches who are recruiting them and -- more than anything at the end of the day -- they care about winning. Nebraska has resources, they have a great fan base and they have a long-standing tradition of excellence as a university. What they are struggling with right now is relevancy as a result of a diminished player pool and lack of productivity on the field, particularly on defense.

Times have changed and moving out of the Big 12 has hurt their recruiting efforts in Texas, in our opinion. Perception is everything in the eyes of prospects and that is something Nebraska is battling right now. Since the advent of cable television, Nebraska’s national identity has slowly diminished over time because in this day and age just about everybody goes to a bowl and plays on TV. A luxury Nebraska and a few other programs owned for decades is no longer an advantage.

Any incidents related to Bo Pelini’s actions only adds fuel to the fire, unfortunately.