ATH Cameron Wrenn working for first offer

Cameron Wrenn knows soon it will be his time. It has to be. It was his fault initially for the lack of interest from big-time college programs. He takes 100 percent of the blame.

But those days are gone. And with the talent at Broken Arrow, Okla., he is bound to get noticed. Broken Arrow has arguably the deepest 2013-14 class in the state. Defensive back Cre Moore and defensive end Frankie Davis have offers among the 2013 group.

Quarterback Coleman Key and running back Devon Thomas each have the potential to be ESPN 300 or ESPN 150 candidates for 2014.

For Wrenn, though, it’s still a waiting game.

“I’ve been working very hard,” Wrenn said. “I had some issues with grades, but I’m getting those sorted out. I’m taking the ACT in September and that’s when I think things will change.”

What could also change for Wrenn is his position. At 6-foot and 190 pounds, he’s a tall, lanky running back. And with Thomas and Wrenn in the same backfield, there might not be enough touches for the both of them.

The solution? Move Wrenn to receiver. Wrenn said he would prefer to be at running back, but he knows a move might not only help him for his senior season but also for his college potential.

Wrenn has camped at Arkansas, Houston and Oklahoma State.

“I’ve been working at both positions, and I know what I’m capable of. I’m a big threat wherever I’m at,” Wrenn said. “The biggest difference is with the footwork. There is a lot of footwork in the slot that you don’t have to worry about in the backfield.”

Wrenn was hampered by leg injuries during the latter half of his junior season, but he said he is 100 percent healthy now.

It’s a friendly competition between Thomas and Wrenn. Each admits they want that No. 1 spot, but both are supportive of each other and good friends off the field. If Wrenn is moved to receiver, it’s just another weapon for defenders to worry about.

“I’m a lot more explosive than what some people think,” Wrenn said. “With Devon, we don’t really think about first string or second string. We’re both going to get a lot of carries, and we’re both going to do big things.”

Wrenn has also received interest from Kansas and Tulsa.

“Cameron has helped me so much. People think we don’t like each other because we’re going for the same spot, but that’s not the case,” Thomas said. “Cameron is a leader, and we’re ready to finish the job this season.”

Broken Arrow lost in the Oklahoma Class 6A championship last season.