Future bright for Jatory Sparks-Brown

The 2012 season kicks off this week for DeSoto, Texas, and while certain players are established in the recruiting world, others are looking to make their names known.

2015 running back Jatory Sparks-Brown is one of those players looking to not only help DeSoto’s backfield but also give his recruiting process a healthy bump. Sparks-Brown, who will play alongside teammate and Oregon commit Dontre Wilson, showed promise in a recent scrimmage against West Mesquite (Mesquite, Texas), a team currently with three FBS defensive commits.

Sparks-Brown scored the scrimmage’s first touchdown and ultimately racked up big yards using both power and finesse. A player who admires Adrian Peterson’s running style, Sparks-Brown had the chance to shine with Wilson on the bench. Wilson is healthy, but he didn’t play because of a coach’s decision.

“I’m just glad I’m able to play with Dontre and learn from it,” said Sparks-Brown, a 6-foot, 195 sophomore. “He’s going to Oregon, and that means a lot. I can say when he leaves, I have a chance to fill his shoes. It’s going to be fun trying to fill his spot.”

Sparks-Brown, a transfer from Dallas Skyline, ran a 4.66-second 40-yard dash at the Dallas Nike SPARQ Combine back last March, but he has lowered his time to run the dash in less than 4.6 seconds.

Sparks-Brown knows it’s still early in the process, but he’s hoping to hear from schools such as USC, Oklahoma and Alabama in the immediate future. This year, he wants to show college coaches that he’s worthy of the attention.

“First, I want recruiters to know it’s not about me,” Sparks-Brown said. “If I’m coming to a team, I’m willing to do whatever for my team. If it’s holding kicks to win games, I’m willing to do that. I’m looking forward to going up against the top talent, and I was excited after West Mesquite, but I’ve got to always stay humble.”