DT Mack taking a step back in recruitment

Daylon Mack has said a lot of things in the past few months, mostly about his love for Texas A&M and his imminent plans to commit to the Aggies.

Well, the plans have changed. Take what he says here with a grain of salt if you want -- can’t blame you at this point -- but Mack has changed his tune considerably in recent weeks.

It started when his parents didn’t give him the green light to commit to A&M last month. Mack was ready to do it. He’d even told reporters from several websites what day it was going to happen.

Nope. Didn’t happen. His parents once again weren’t letting him do that. So once more, Mack backed off and pondered what he should do. He now insists he’s fully reopening his recruitment.

“I did it because I really don’t know where I want to go,” Mack said. “I’m high on a couple of teams but I’m not really 100 percent sure.”

That’s why Mack recently called Texas defensive tackles coach Bo Davis to let him know he’s still very interested in the Longhorns. He wants Davis to ignore what he has said about A&M and continue to recruit Mack hard.

“I called and told him I was very open,” Mack said. “I’m not making a decision anytime soon. It’ll probably be this time next year. They have a lot of time to recruit me.”

Mack also reached out to three schools recently -- Miami, Clemson and LSU -- to let them know he’s interested. Miami and Clemson both ended up making scholarship offers this week.

Neither of those two schools are in the SEC. Isn’t that a problem for Mack, who’s repeatedly said the SEC was the biggest reason why he would pick A&M?

“I guess the SEC thing has worn off on me,” Mack said. “If you’re a good player, you’ll get drafted regardless. It’s all about winning. That’s all it is for me.”

Another reasonable question: Is all of this talk about other schools pointless? Is Mack going to end up committing to Texas A&M no matter what?

“It’s really open,” he said. “The A&M fans still think no matter what I’m going there. But it’s not like that. I really don’t know where I’m going to go. I really don’t.”

As we’ve reported in past editions of The Heard, Mack is going to be watching the Longhorns very closely this fall. If they win big in 2013, that will be a bigger sell for him than any other factor.

But there is another factor Mack is keeping a close eye on: The 2015 classes. Yes, he’d love to play with his close “Fab Five” friends. But the rest of the groups matter a great deal, and he is a big fan of where this Texas class could be heading.

“One of the reasons I like Texas and want to go there is they’re set up for a huge class,” he said. “Soso Jamabo, that’s a five-star. Maea Teuhema is a five-star. Then there’s Me, Larry Pryor, Malik Jefferson. That’s going to be a pretty dominant class and all just Texas kids. That’s a big reason -- I want to play with great players.”

Mack is excited about the opportunity to attend Texas Stampede on July 27 -- he said he’ll be driving Pryor up with him, too -- and the chance to take a long look at all the Longhorns are offering.

“Coach Davis said they’re going to bring in the guys they’re highly recruiting,” Mack said. “I was happy, because it’s been a while since I talked to Coach Davis and I always love talking with him. We have a good relationship. Getting to talk with him 1-on-1 would be really nice. It’s going to be a family-type thing, just chilling and hanging out with the staff.”

Though Mack says the schools in his top five right now -- he wouldn’t disclose them -- are all even, it’s still hard to picture a scenario in which he doesn’t end up at Texas A&M. But Texas does have a chance to change his mind, starting on the 27th.