A&M, UT, Baylor still atop Magee's list

Four-star defensive end Javonte Magee (San Antonio/Sam Houston) didn’t make the trip Thursday to College Station, Texas, for the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry, but he paid close attention to both teams.

And rightfully so. The Aggies and Longhorns are two of the three programs still sitting atop his list of favorites. Baylor is the third team, and all three programs, as they have been for the past few weeks, are on an equal playing field in the eyes of the 6-foot-6, 258-pound defensive lineman.

“I watched the [UT-A&M] game, and it was a close game,” Magee said. “It went down to the wire, but there were a lot of mistakes. You can’t win with mistakes in the fourth quarter. I expect the coaches to look at those and make the corrections.”

With more than 40 offers on the table, Magee said he is looking for a school that not only has a winning background but also will challenge him on the field and in the classroom. He has already taken an official visit to A&M – the weekend of Nov. 19, when the Aggies played Kansas – and he is looking to schedule visits to Texas and Baylor in December.

“When I went for the [A&M] visit, I noticed me and [defensive line] Coach [Terrell] Williams have a lot in common,” Magee said. “I really like the players there. When I went on the visit, they made me feel like I was already on the team. I like the environment.

“With Texas, there’s tradition there. They win, and I’d love to be a part of a winning team. I really like the coaches, too. With Baylor, me and [defensive line] Coach [Chris] Achuff have a real good connection. I’ve known him since freshman year, when he was recruiting Quincy. They’ve got a good team.”

Ranked No. 18 among defensive ends nationwide and No. 30 overall in Texas, Magee brought power, speed and a respectable level of toughness to Sam Houston, which finished the 2011 season 8-3. In addition to wreaking havoc on the defensive line, Magee was a reliable blocking tight end who caught four passes for 133 yards and three touchdowns.

Magee said the three schools each have something that caught his attention. Although he isn’t expected to announce his decision until signing day, which is Feb. 1, he said the right school could persuade him to commit early.

“I’m not sure about anything yet,” he said, “but if I go to A&M, I’ll want to beat Texas, and if I go to Texas, I’ll want to beat A&M. I’ll want to beat them both if I go to Baylor.”