All-purpose Jake Perez getting looks

Jake Perez (San Antonio/Reagan) is the kind of player many colleges ultimately want to take a chance on. At 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds, he plays larger than his size, primarily at the safety spot. He’s a player who can be placed at other positions and be equally successful.

Perez also has shown that he is no stranger to playing with pain. Earlier in the season, Perez broke several small bones in his right foot and was supposed to be sidelined for a couple of weeks. Perez, however, played a week with the injury and is expected to return to the field for Reagan’s first playoff game next week.

“It’s been a crazy senior year,” Perez said. “I play safety, but two of our quarterbacks went down the beginning of the year. I used to play quarterback my freshman year, and when they went down, I had to play that position for four weeks.

“Then, I broke four of my metatarsals in my foot. When it happened, I felt something, but I got right back up. It hurt when it happened, but I kept playing. After that, I didn’t feel anything pain-wise. I guess I have a high pain tolerance.”

Perez is expected to make a full recovery with proper rehabilitation, and with his football savvy alone, Perez could make for a sleeper of sorts on the college level. He has received interest from Texas State, Dartmouth, Navy, UTSA, Nevada, Incarnate Word, New Mexico State, Colorado State and North Texas.

“They’ve all talked to me. Most of them started looking at me my junior year,” Perez said. “They were shocked to see me playing some offense this year, and I think that helped me a lot, but if I go anywhere, it’ll probably be for safety.

Of those schools, Perez said he’s been hearing the most from Dartmouth. He added that playing football in the Ivy League definitely is something to consider.