Q&A: 2014 center Terrell Cuney

Junior offensive lineman Terrell Cuney (Jasper, Texas/Jasper) visited Texas’ campus briefly for the Longhorns’ spring game before this season. But he’d like to get even more familiar with what the campus has to offer, in case Texas does make him a priority in 2014.

Judging from a phone conversation he recently had with Longhorns defensive tackles coach Bo Davis, Texas would like for him to get back to campus again, too.

HornsNation caught up with Cuney (6-foot-4, 257-pounds) to talk about that conversation and various topics regarding his recruitment.

HornsNation: When is the last time you heard from Texas and what was the conversation about?

Terrell Cuney: I heard from them a week ago. Coach Bo Davis called me on the phone and just wants me to get down there for an unofficial visit.

HN: Will you try and get down to Austin anytime soon?

Cuney: I’m trying to get down there whenever I get a chance. It’s hard with school and everything to get down that way because it is five hours away.

HN: The ball is really starting to roll with your recruitment. Is it hard for you to believe that it’s happening already?

Cuney: All of this stuff that is happening right now is amazing, especially coming from a small town like this. It really is.

HN: Brag on yourself a bit. Why are the Longhorns showing interest in you?

Cuney: I want to be great. I want to be the greatest. I work hard every day. I compete with people around the state, the nation. I think about that every time I am lifting weights. I just want to be the greatest. I won’t settle for less than that.

HN: You can play anywhere on the line. Why center?

Cuney: I get to be dominant. I can't play anywhere on the line but center, there is something about it. You get to show off your true athleticism.

HN: Jasper is a pretty tiny town. How small are we talking?

Cuney: I know we don’t have a mall, a good theater. We don’t have a cool place to hang out. The only place we do hang out is at the park and play basketball or football ... the park. You go there and there are like 1 million people there.

HN: Does growing up in a small town like Jasper push you that much harder to accomplish your dreams?

Cuney: It makes me want it more. I tell my mama all the time that I am going to get her out of this place. I don’t want my kids to live in a place like this. That’s what pushes me. I want to work hard and get somewhere.

HN: If you were to get to Texas on a visit, what specifically would you be interested in finding out about it?

Cuney: I just want them to take care of me academic wise. Football is important, but at the end of the day grades are more important. If they can take care of me academic wise then they have a chance.

HN: When you are on the phone with Davis do you let him know of your interest in Texas? You said in The Heard that you are. Or, do you play it cool?

Cuney: I kind of play it cool. I don’t let him know. I just go along with it. I like everything about Texas. But I just play it cool.

HN: Texas lost four games this season and hasn’t really played to the standard most have come to expect over the last few seasons. Does that bother you and affect the way you look at them?

Cuney: Yeah, it kind of bothers me. Of course I want to win. It kind of takes away from my interest a bit because I want to go somewhere where I am going to win. I haven’t had the luxury of winning a stat championship here.

HN: What other schools aside from Texas are showing interest in you?

Cuney: I love Oklahoma State. It is something about them that I love. I have looked Stillwater up on Google. I am going to try to get up there if I can.