#AskLoogs: Letting Cornwell get away

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This is a great question that applies to every program in America when it comes to making tough, in-state decisions on prospects.

If I’m Oklahoma, this situation wasn’t as tough of a decision as you might think. Take David Cornwell (Norman, Okla./Norman) first: Physically he is superior to Justice Hansen (Edmond, Okla./Edmond Santa Fe) in some areas, but is not as experienced. Coming into this season he had only been a starter for one year, so from an evaluation standpoint, there was a lot more video evidence and experience to evaluate with Hansen than there was Cornwell.

Also, you must consider the camp evaluation that took place earlier for Oklahoma to make in-person assessments on a player that they might feel is a better fit overall.

Keep in mind, this isn’t only about physical ability. It’s about several critical factors at the position that Oklahoma as a staff places a premium on, and through their efforts, if they feel Hansen possesses more of what they want to have than Cornwell, then you have to pull the trigger.

Recruiting is about making tough decisions each and every day, and none tougher than choosing between two quality prospects in state at the most important position of all. There are no guarantees Cornwell will pan out, and the same goes for Hansen. It’s a risk, albeit a calculated one, based on gathering information and making an educated decision.

This does not mean that Oklahoma dislikes Cornwell -- in fact, they like him very much -- but believe Hansen is further along and a better fit.

This same question you posed to be could be the same question had Cornwell committed to Oklahoma and Hansen to Bama, only the answer might not be quite the same.