Davis twins sticking with Pitt

Twins Christopher and Demitrious Davis spoke with new Pitt coach Paul Chryst last night, and as of now they will be sticking with the Panthers, their father, Chris Sr., said.

“We talked for about 15 minutes,” Chris Sr. said. “As of now the boys are going to stick with Pitt. They feel a lot better after they talked to coach Chryst. But they still want to talk to him face to face and look in the man’s eyes and see what his plans are.”

The Davises (Austintown, Ohio/Austintown-Fitch) were concerned with whether Chryst would bring a pro-style offense to Pitt. One of top reasons Chris and Demitrious committed to Pitt was because of the wide-open, up-tempo offense former coach Todd Graham ran.

Chryst was able to ease the family’s fears, though, after explaining to them he plans on adjusting his offense to his personnel.

“When you’re the Wisconsin coach that’s a scary situation,” Davis Sr. said of Chryst bringing a pro-style attack. “That was the reason the twins eliminated some schools. They didn’t want to play in a pro-style offense.

“He said ‘Mr. Davis I have to be honest with you: I was a lot of the reason Wisconsin threw the ball a lot more this year.’ He was saying he’s not trying to have his players adapt to him. He will adapt to the players.”

Davis Sr. was integral in helping keep the Pitt class together when Graham first left. Pitt held on to all of its commitments, and Davis Sr. conducted a conference call with a number of Pitt’s top commitments.

As long as the rest of the class stays intact with Chryst, Davis Sr. expects his sons to sign with Pitt.

“We don’t want to close any doors but as long as we have a lot of our class together [the twins will remain committed],” he said. “We’re committed to Pitt and right now that’s where it’s at. We like Pitt and coach Chryst.”