Father won't push Troy Vincent Jr. to UW

CINCINNATI -- Former NFL Pro Bowler Troy Vincent played his college football at Wisconsin, but that does not mean it is a certainty that his son Troy Vincent Jr. (Baltimore/Gilman) will follow in his footsteps.

“He’s hands-on but at the same time he’s hands-off, because he wants me to enjoy the process and go through it,” Vincent said. “He knows the truth behind the schools because he looks into them. He’s a big factor in how I’m going about the process.”

The Big Ten co-defensive player of the year in 1991, Vincent Sr. is not pushing his son to follow the same path he took.

“He does no persuading whatsoever. I’m not him and he’s not me,” Vincent Jr. said. “God has different plans for the both of us, so wherever I end up that’s God’s will. We’re not even worried about ‘If you don’t go to Wisconsin you’re a backstabber. If you do go to Wisconsin we all knew it.’ ”

However, that does not mean the Badgers aren’t a serious consideration for Vincent, who has already visited Madison several times.

“They were the first school to ever start recruiting me. I like a lot of things -- the academic structure of the school, how they treat their athletes,” Vincent said. “… It’s a great school.”

Vincent has already built a strong relationship with Wisconsin secondary coach Chris Ash. Vincent worked with Ash as a freshman, and Vincent said the two rarely talk about his recruitment or football.