QB Jalen Washington measuring up

Jalen Washington (Twinsburg, Ohio/Twinsburg) knows it’s just a matter of two inches, or 50.8 millimeters.

No matter how fans look at it, the 6-foot, 175-pound senior swears he’d be getting looks from BCS schools across the country if he just grew a little bit.

As it sits now, Washington has interest from Toledo, Bowling Green and Ohio.

If Washington keeps having games like he did Friday against Lancaster, it might be hard to argue his point.

“I know a lot of college football in Division I wants you to be 6-2,” Washington said. “My dad and I know that’s what they’re all looking for, but we’re trying to bring something else to the table.

‘I know I don’t have the height right now, but I’m trying to bring my speed and my arm to the table to find people interested. I’m more of a quarterback, but it helps when I run. It opens up more of the passing game.”

Washington showed his leadership, arms and legs against Lancaster by bringing Twinsburg back from the dead as the Tigers scored 37 consecutive points in a 44-21 victory.

The dual-threat quarterback finished the evening 16-of-30 for 256 yards and added three touchdown passes without an interception. Just another night for Washington, who threw for 1,850 yards and 13 touchdowns and ran for another 259 yards and a score as a junior.

“Football is a great game,” Washington said. “The game motivates me. I love being out here with my friends. I just try to put the points on the board and get my teammates up.”