Dominique Booth headed back to Notre Dame

INDIANAPOLIS -- When it comes to colleges, Indianapolis Pike receiver Dominique Booth’s junior season is all about seeing what schools have to offer on Saturdays. The legwork research about schools and academics is just about done for him.

“I’m not looking too deep -- just seeing what game day is like,” Booth said. “That’s pretty much what I’m doing every weekend. I’m just looking around seeing what game day is like.”

Booth has already visited Illinois, Missouri and Ohio State. He will be at Notre Dame on Saturday, and it will be the second time he has visited the Fighting Irish.

“(The first visit) was over spring break. I went to see their practice and went around the campus and saw everything and talked to the coaches for a while,” Booth said.

The Irish are one of a few programs Booth believes could offer soon. Michigan, Ohio State and Tennessee are also showing a lot of interest.

The Volunteers picked up their interest in Booth significantly since Sept. 1. Booth has been in contact with receivers coach Darin Hinshaw.

“He was talking about me a lot lately and (Hinshaw) said the big thing was seeing me finish, because last year I had 46 catches but just five touchdowns. I know I’ve been doing that this year -- finishing.”

California, Iowa, Michigan State, Missouri and Ohio State are teams Booth listed when asked about favorites, but add they were "just some off the top of my head."